Sri Lanka to Sydney Scholarships

At UTS Insearch we believe in offering students, such as yourself, the ability to access education at a location that works for you. Our new offering provides the opportunity for you to start your journey to Sydney in Sri Lanka and in support of this, we are pleased to offer the Sri Lanka to Sydney scholarships. 

Designed for academically gifted students the Sri Lanka to Sydney scholarships support students who want to transfer to study with Australia’s no 1 young University* the University of Technology Sydney.   

About the scholarships

Approximately $60,000 USD in scholarships for October 2019 including:  
  • 3 x full fee scholarships to celebrate the launch of UTS Insearch in Sri Lanka  
  • Unlimited 25% scholarships for March 2020

Eligibility criteria

  • The offer is open to students intending to study a UTS Insearch Diploma or UTS Foundation Studies program with UTS Insearch Sri Lanka commencing in March 2020
  • The student must not be an Australian domestic student for purposes of enrolment at UTS on completion of their program with UTS Insearch in Sri Lanka.
Scholarships TypesDiploma Foundation 
Full fee scholarship 2 A’s and 1 B in A Levels  All A’s in Local or London O Levels  
25% fee scholarship  3 B’s in A Levels  

5 A’s in Local O levels  

3 A’s in London O Levels  

Terms and Conditions

  • For students who commence study in March 2020
  • The scholarship will be applied to the student's tuition fees and shall not be offered as a cash payment nor be available as a refund 
  • Offer details are subject to change  

How to apply

Contact us today to apply.